Enrichment, In- and Afterschool

InPlay- Afterschool propgrams

We provide InPlay.org as a resource to parents who are seeking additional learning opportunities for their students. To view student enrichment activities, school break and afterschool classes in our community that are not hosted by MVWSD, please see our partner, www.inplay.org. MVWSD has not reviewed all programs/events found there and does not specifically endorse them. Parents should thoroughly research all activities before enrolling their children.

In-School Programs- Enrichment (Portrait of a Graduate)

The Imai learning community has endeavored to provide enrichment activities for all students. The PTA-sponsored Enrichment for All program provides students extra educational opportunities in math, science, coding and creative writing.

Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone, an initiative of the Silicon Valley YMCA, trains parents, adult relatives and adult friends to lead literature-based classroom discussions for the Asset Building Champions (ABC) program. It addresses important issues including respect, tolerance, honesty, peaceful conflict resolution, taking a stand against bullying behaviors, and refusing to participate in gossip. Volunteers read specially selected books and lead discussions and activities that help teach valuable lessons related to these issues.

Project Mindset

Developed by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, "Growth Mindset" is a concept that helps people understand that their intelligence or talents can be developed, as opposed to a "fixed mindset" which would suppose that one's basic qualities are simply fixed. "Project Mindset" at Imai offers students a series of lessons throughout the year focused on understanding the brain, orienting around a growth mindset, and perseverance for achieving growth.

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